Meet The Team

This family Is committed to you(r brand’s) self expression thru headwear, apparel and customization. Each hat has its story and when you want to share yours each one of us is here to help bring it to fruition. From concept & design, to execution of stitching and handling we each get a chance to bless it.
Soon is the Founder and Creator of Crown & Brim. Our in house Magician, he's responsible for daily operations and magic that happens at C&B everyday.



Tessa is the Creative Director. You can catch her smudging the spot when she’s in, who knows, you may even get your cards read.

Joon is the Embroidery Technician. He runs a 6 head creating some of the finest works on the embroidery machine one's ever seen. He may even throw in a few dance moves.

Miko is the Embroidery Technician. He breaks it down on the 6s with quality, speed, and style. He runs a 6 head embroidery machine and is our favorite Music Producer.

 Soo is the Coordinator of all things apparel and is responsible for bridging the wonderful obscure imagination with reality. A beast on the joysticks but a beauty with apparel.