Meet The Team

This family a business. Committed to your needs in dope headwear generally and customization for brands. Each hat has its story and each one of us here help bring to fruition. From concept + design, to execution of stitching and handling we each get a chance to bless it.

Michelangelo. He's part of the Embro (embroidery brothers) duo. Breaks it down on the 6s with quality, speed, and style. He runs a 6 head embroidery machine and is a beast at extreme office chair racing.

Joon. The other part of the Embro duo. Joon runs with a 6 headed beast creating some of the finest works on the embroidery machine one's ever seen. He may even throw in a few dance moves (catch him slippin' on C+B instagram).

Tessa. The creative director/graphic designer. Mainly behind the scenes but catch her saging the place every time she comes through.

Soo. He is the director of all things garment related + clothing design and is responsible for bridging the wonderful + obscure imagination with reality.

Soon. He is the mastermind, designer + visionary behind Crown + Brim. He's responsible for daily operations of the magic and madness that happens at C+B everyday.